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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just One More Project Mom!

As if I didn't have one too many projects going already to finish before winter gets here, Cole has been begging me to start another one. Finally after about two weeks worth of asking I relented under certain circumstances. I was to have no part of this one. It was all up to him. Why I ever had any doubt about him finishing it I'm not sure. Cole just so happens to be one of the hardest working young men I know when it comes to physical labor and especially hard work that involves hammers, or wood, or chickens. We are getting to the last of the old shed projects around here but there was still the old corn crib to decide what to do with. Originally I wanted to keep it and restore it and paint it for nostalgic sake, but when a big storm blew it over into the lean-to this summer it got put on The List to tear it down.This old corn crib just so happened to be right next to the back yard area that I have been working (in all my spare time) to create a beautiful paradise of a flower garden (someday) and you can be sure that I have already been dreaming about what kind of a cute little screened house I could replace it with. Just not this year.

As soon as he finally got the okay to go ahead Cole didn't waste anytime in getting his school work and chores done so he could get out there and start working. In no time he had the roof off.

He insisted on doing it all by himself.
He wouldn't let anybody help him.
And in a matter of a few days he had it all down.
What a great job Cole!
Now that old lean-to has just gotten bumped up a bit higher on the list.
And just look at the pile of more salvaged lumber to dream about building with! Oh the possibilities!! Rob sees another burn pile, I see another creation. Hmmm.... I wonder how fast I can hurry up and get that chicken coop done? How long until the snow flies again???


Brenda said...

Amazing! I sure could use some good help like Cole around my farm!

Teresa said...

Way to go Cole!!!

Amy said...

What a hard working boy! Great job, Cole!! I could use him around here.

the canned quilter said...

Wow! If ya ever want to rent Cole out we need to talk : )