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Sunday, October 10, 2010

An Uncovered Porch

Anybody else getting tired of this chicken coop project? I am great at dreaming up these projects but half way through I am ready to move on to the next one. But at least we're making progress, even if I thought it should have been completed by last week. The boys helped me frame up the covered porch yesterday. I even had to ask for Rob's assistance to help level the posts. But now that the frame work is up we have a little problem~ the barn is in the way to finish the project. Hmmmm..... move the barn, move the coop, move the cement that is in the way of moving the coop, move the barn....... So now I wait until that trailer comes to get rid of all the big left over cement chunks so Rob can move the chicken coop over about 10 feet. We're all starting to wonder just how he is going to move it. That should be an interesting day. So once we couldn't go any further on the porch I went back to work on the inside of the coop. I finished insulating the last wall and put up the rest of the plywood. I am nearly done with all of the trim work and put the nesting boxes in and am trimming them out. Then I want to cover the rafters with chicken wire so they don't roost up there. There's still the floors to stain and a little bit of painting left as well, besides the roosts and the doors. Micah helped me make a little bench to sit under the window box and I have some ideas for cute little shutters to make, too. Maybe next week I'll have it all done.

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