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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Coop, Day # 993

The sun has been shining for several days in a row. Given the rainy summer we have had it is an extra blessing. And given the number of critters that still need somewhere warm to get into this winter it also means that every sunny day has found me out working on that chicken coop. Luckily there are a couple of willing boys who like to help, too. And those boys just happen to know how to use a hammer and run a couple of the saws around here which is a great big help. We have been able to get the little window installed in the peak, insulated 3 walls and the roof, cover all the interior walls and the ceiling with plywood, plus trimming everything out. The last wall has been what I've been putting off because it involves installing a window, a door, and another dreaded peaked cathedral ceiling. All for the love of chickens.
Russell had offered us a free window when we were ready for it so the kids and I went for a visit and picked one out. Then we built the window frame and after several times of shimming it out we got the window installed.
Today I spent the day putting up the rest of the board and batten on the front end.
I also dug through the lumber shed and found this cute little piece of trim work and used it to make a window box.
Because of course every chicken coop needs a cute little window box on the covered porch.
Then I talked Trent into helping me paint again.
A good coat of white paint does wonders!
Tomorrow I am going to tackle the covered porch. And if I get done with that I will have to figure out how to mount a screen door and then build another door. And if there's still some daylight I will try to get some stain on the floor inside and the covered porch deck, then finish the trim inside, make some perches, mount the nesting boxes, make some cute little shutters and a bench, decorate the porch, and then learn how to run a scroll saw to create some lattice for the peaks. There's just a little bit of pressure up here to get everything done before the snow flies so I am going to take advantage of every moment of sunshine. It's turning out so cute I'm thinking I should move in instead of those chickens! Cost so far: Still $0. Number of fingers left: Still 10.


the canned quilter said...

I Love It! Can I come and stay with you and the chickens ? And a window box....too cute : ) My chickens are gonna be so jealous because they don't get a window box!

Brenda said...

Your coop is turning out really nice. Now if you can just teach the chickens to keep it nice and clean!

Teresa said...

cute, cute, cute!!! love the white! It will look so pretty with the flowers in the window box!