An attempt to declare the Glory of God for what He has chosen to do with our lives. A legacy to leave to my children in the telling of it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Roseman Bridge


Anonymous said...

I have been following this your story and blog for a few weeks now. Breaks my heart as I have a 10 year old who loves so many of the things that Trent did. I showed your blog..his pictures to Noah. I pray Trent's life will leave an impact on so many, as it has Noah and I. Noah loves Bass Pro Shop...hunting, fishing..trapping. I will be sure and show him your pictures and words. HUgs to you and prayers!!

Linda Emanuelson said...

I don't normally read blogs, but I saw your's on my friends FB status one day a few weeks back and for some reason I went to the link and opened it. I love the way you are able to write your experience and share in pics. Your dear Trent reminds me of the boy from "old Yeller" or "Where the Red Fern" grows.......tho its been years since I've watched those.
My husband is a children's pastor and just tonight took a call from a dear family who's two and half yr. old son is near death. Sometimes my husband feels so lost for words...........
We both love children sooooo much and have 3 grown married daughters and 4 grandchildren with another going to be born in May and one in the adoption process for number 2.
We have fostered over 50 newborns through our local crisis preg. center over the years and consider each one just an amazing creation with a unique purpose. I love the Lord as you do and I see Him in you and I feel like you don't just have a faith, but you really believe He is who He says He is and He can do what He says He can do and He loves you so much!
Lately my heart kinda groans for so much sadness in this world.....
So thank you for reminding me, even in your own deep sorrow, of the amazing God we serve and the unspeakable hope that we have!
Blessings in Christ, Linda Emanuelson