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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Drive Home

Because we have hauled critters in our van before we were game to hauling a goat home, even if it was an 11 hour trip. Grace has the shortest legs so she got the box in front of her seat~ she was not so thrilled to start with.
And just for the record, the goat was not too thrilled to start with either. Grace tried everything to settle the little guy down, even giving him a stuffed animal. He enjoyed snuggling her feet for a while, but cried and cried at the top of his lungs.
Alexis solved the problem for herself by putting in ear plugs.
Luckily the crying only lasted 5-10 minutes. I think we were all quietly wondering just what we had gotten ourselves into and were pretty relieved that the little guy settled down so soon.
We were in for an 11 hour ride so the kids settled in to watching movies, playing the alphabet game, and trying not to drive each other too crazy.
The temperature kept rising, topping out at 73! There was green grass and sunshine everywhere~ we began to wonder what in the world we were doing living in WI!
We had to make a quick lunch stop at Burger King, as well as a few gas and bathroom breaks for us and the goat. Rob got some pretty funny looks as he took "his" crying goat for a walk.
Half way home we got out the bottle and fed the little guy his supper. He was one hungry little goat!
Eventually he got tired of the box and decided to ride on Grace's lap about half the way home.
As it got later the kids settled in with their blankets and pillows and watched movies or fell asleep. About an hour into Minnesota we hit snow and wind so had some slower going. We were all pretty tired out at this point and home and our own beds were sounding better all the time.
We pulled into our driveway around 2:00 a.m., about the same time as 3 weeks ago (after the accident) we realized. What a three weeks it has been. Cole, Grace and I ran down to the barn to see Belle's new babies~ and oh how cute they were! Cuter than I could have imagined! The temperature was 27 degrees~ quite a difference~ and still lots of snow.

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Brenda said...

It's good to know your little buckling settled down pretty quick for the trip home. When you left the farm and loaded him into Grace's space ... her face said that she wasn't too sure about how that was going to work out! I'll bet you got some pretty funny looks traveling with a little goat.... especially taking him for a walk. :D