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Monday, March 14, 2011

Did Somebody Want Spots?

How long have you heard me whining about wanting spotted goats?? For quite a long time now I have been trying to get some spotted babies around here and it looks like God has given me what I wanted in an abundance. Just look at these new spotted babies!
Belle kidded right on her due date while we were on our trip last week. Russell was watching the critters while we were gone and just missed the delivery even tho he had been here several times a day to check on everything. Belle is the low goat on the totem pole around here so I had been praying that God would give her the prettiest little doe on the farm so we would have to keep her and it looks like He did just that. By the size of Belle I was only guessing that she would have one kid so she really surprised us by having two of the prettiest babies so far. Cole named the little doeling Jingle (Jingle and Belle). She has spots on her ears.
And she even has spots on her tail.
Her brother's pretty cute and spotty, too. Cole named him Joseph, as in the Joseph in the Bible with the fancy coat.
They are quite a flashy pair.
The proud daddy.
Dixie decided to deliver her babies today, one day before her due date. She had a very easy labor and delivered a little buck first. Dixie is such a nice, quiet doe and loves attention when she is in labor. Belle was so excited to see what was going on.
Dixie got the little guy all dried off and he got up to look for something to eat as we waited to see if there would be another baby. Just as we had started to give up hope that she would have twins the contractions started again. Within minutes baby number two was born~ a little doe, nearly identical to her brother.
One happy family!
It was an extra special delivery because Cathy's family was able to come and watch. We have been trying to get them here for the last 3 does that were due so it was pretty nice of Dixie to time it perfectly when they were available and it wasn't three o'clock in the morning.
The other spotted goat comes all the way from Missouri. On our trip last week we made an unexpected stop at Brenda's house (I'll post lots more about our fabulous time at Brenda's house soon) and she sent me home with this handsome little fella to be one of our herd sires this fall. Just look at all those spots! He is the sweetest little guy and loves attention, especially riding on laps for 11 hours and if he can see the TV in the van he's all the happier. We named him Jacob, again from the Bible as God honored Jacob by giving him so many spotted goats.
To keep him company we put Trouble in the stall with him. Imagine that~ a goat dog being in the goat barn rather than on the couch. She was not too happy with us the first day or so but today I caught the two of them snuggled up together, plus she likes the taste of goats milk, too, so she should be fine.


Renee said...

LOVE the spots! All the goats are adorable! Some happiness in a difficult time! Glad you got the shawl, enjoy it!

Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

Lovely, lovely! I am so happy you were so amazingly blessed by spots! I am tempted to be coveting them! Ps. 37:4 comes to mind for you right now sweetie!

Elizabeth, Liz, Lizzy, MOM!! said...

YAY! Beautiful babies! And I love their names ;)

Teresa said...

Beautiful!!! glad to see Trouble earning his keep;)

Brenda said...

Your spotted babies are so pretty! I especially love the black and white ones.

Jacob is a fine name for the little buck from here. He looks like he has settled in just fine.

Blessings to you and your household!

JoyFull Puppeteers said...

thank you for sharing, I have just found your blog!:)


the canned quilter said...

I so love your babies. We don't have any babies here yet although we will soon have chicks and baby rabbits. I don't count that ornery little black puppy Gypsy who is chewing everything : )

~Tonia said...

Beautiful Babies!!!!