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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year's Surprise

We woke up to a nice New Year's surprise this morning -- our first Light Brahma chick! The little peepers aren't supposed to be hatching until Tuesday, but this cute guy decided to beat the crowd and hatch first. There are 29 more eggs that we will be watching to start pipping in the next few days, and if we can gather enough warm eggs from the chicken coop we'll start up another batch in the incubator at the end of the week. This is why I love farm life!

Did you know??

* It takes 21 days for a chick to hatch.

* You can hear the chick peeping in it's shell a couple of days before it actually breaks out.

* It takes Light Brahma's 5-6 months before the pullets start laying eggs.

* Most hens turn their eggs 3-5 times an hour ~ which is why we use an incubator with an automatic turner.


Brenda said...

Awwww ... your baby chick is so cute. That was a nice surprise. I love your photos of it and the eggs too.

pilgrimscottage said...

How precious! So nice you caught the newness on your camera. I seem to miss that point and discover the chick when it's all dry and running around. Congrats!

Renee said...

How exciting! Tell Cole congratulations! Also tell him he inspired our yougest, Josh to try his hand at chicken farming this year! He was on my lap when I was looking at the post and he was questioning about cole and his chickens and decided that might be something he would enjoy!

Anonymous said...

So cute! Wish we could raise chickens!

Sherry Sutherby said...

How wonderful ~ smack dab in the middle of winter to have a new birth (er...hatch) emerge. I love new chicks. We'll have to wait for spring for ours to get broody again. And yes, there's nothing like hearing that tiny hatchling announce their arrival from within the shell. One of God's precious miracles.

turkeyfether said...

Our peeps hatched throughout this week. (:> Gives us something happy to do over the winter months and by July they will be laying eggs! (:> Very much enjoy yor blog (:>

Kristina said...

I wish I could have baby chicks. This little one is so cute.