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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Those Pictures

In case you were wondering about those flying Micah pictures . . .It finally came time to replace the old water line from the pump house to the basement as we continue plugging away on fixing up this old farmstead. It is something that Rob has wanted to do for years, and this fall it finally worked out to have my big brother come out with his big machine to dig the trench for us. It was not without excitement, as the electric company had to pay us a visit as well when the electric line accidentally got knicked~oops. But it went well overall, nobody got hurt, and the boys had a blast playing in the dirt piles and watching the heavy equipment do it's work.

Micah didn't get to jump across the eight foot cavern like he probably would have preferred.

But, rather, had to be content with his little hill while Dad and Uncle Steve got to play in the deep trench.

I did offer to take some flying picture's of Uncle Steve, too, but he graciously declined.Micah's little hill was only a couple of feet high.

Oh these boys!


Jeannette said...

How cute!! Dirt and boys just means happiness :)

*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

Boys are a whole other world from girls!Lol However I grew up with a brother and we probably Both would have been in the dirt piles! lol

Sherry Sutherby said...

I truly LAUGH OUT LOUD every time I see the Flying Micah photo! You MUST post this on your banner!! :~) Next of Cole...hmmm...something chicken related...

Renee said...

My youngest was looking at the pics with me and he said "wow! is jumping from a high mountain!" Then I showed him the next pic and the "mountain" was actually just a hill and he wanted to know how you did that:)) Great pics! Also love the flying goat ears one! Hubby got a kick out of it too! Want to buy a copy of the book when it is ready! Let us know!