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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Love You, Mom

Micah is in that exciting stage of life where he is just beginning to learn how to read and write. I have to admit, with him as the baby of the family, I am not rushing it. Having taught four other children their abc's and the importance of starting every letter at the top, plus learning myself along the way what is really important in homeschool, I have backed off from rigid formal education and have just let him enjoy being a little boy as long as he can. A couple of month's ago, when he began showing great interest in sitting for school lessons, I reluctantly started teaching him from the 100 Easy Lesson's book. Somewhere along the lines he has even learned how to write. The only words he know's how to spell correctly are "I love you, Mom! Micah." I sort of like it that way.


Anne said...

That is so beautiful!

TheLazyJ said...

Pure, pure Micah! The words and the pics. :) Thanks for sharing.

Sherry Sutherby said...

Love the wild abandon of this boy. Micah ALWAYS makes me smile. (That 3rd color picture made me cringe...looked like a header! But then, I raised boys too...:)