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Friday, August 19, 2011

Life's All About the Fair Ya Know!

The Fair tradition has been going on in our household for several years now. Every year we wonder, "Why do we always do this??" But then every summer we do it again. This year wasn't so bad, considering that last year we had over 200 entries. And, being I am a procrastinator at heart and must enjoy the thrill of seeing just how many things I can accomplish in three days before the Fair starts, it turned out to be a busy week. There was as much character growth as projects completed this week~ myself included! I always try to appreciate all of the new learned skills that the kids get to try, lots of them things that we wouldn't do on a normal basis. Micah was excited because this was his first year to enter. There was lots of baking, cheesemaking, drawing, and quilting.

Photography, of course.
I have been wanting to make one of these cute little bags for months now, anyway, so the Fair was a good excuse.
Grace entered a bag and a doll and amazed me with her new-found sewing skills.

Lot's of posters and drawings and writing.
And a first for this year~ rabbits.
Yet, as much as I strive to live in the here and now, Trent isn't here. I won't go on lamenting over every little thing he isn't here for, because "Better is one day in God's courts than thousands elsewhere". I won't go on about how difficult it was to pull out the fair money that the kids each saved from last year to buy wristbands for the rides, or how Trent wanted to make sure that his best friend Thomas had a wristband, too, this year. I won't go on about how hard it is to ponder that there was no way to realize that this year Trent wouldn't be here to use that money or ride those rides. I won't go on about how difficult it was to stand at that table labeling all of our projects and not looking to see where Trent was. Or how hard it was to watch the ferris wheel go around without him on it, or how difficult it was to sit at a picnic table and eat the Fair food that we only talked about last year. Or how much I miss him, yet trust God's work and only want to be in heaven myself. Seeing the prizes today will be a joy, but I look forward to my eternal prize even more. By God's grace I will do this "first", too. Now.... off to the fair to see my son and daughter experience a good "first" in their lives. Rabbit showing here we come.


Brenda said...

Enjoy the day ... I pray it brings you lots of smiles! I hope the entries bring home lots of ribbons and prizes!

Dicky Bird said...

This was our 14th fair year - we've enjoyed it. I hope your projects to well. The purse is cute! Blessings from Ringle, WI.

the canned quilter said...

Good Luck everyone : )