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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Officially Respite

God has such interesting ways of springing opportunities on His children. Without even looking for it, or doing much to establish it, we have become a respite home for three sweet little girls. A good friend needed an overnight babysitter for her foster children and asked if we could take them. Of course we could, so she set up the appointment with the social worker and we passed the background check and are officially legal to do respite care. It will be interesting to see if God leads this into a full time ministry with other children or just a weekend break for our friends. Having these sweet little girls at our home makes me think of how easy it would be to add more children to our family..... Poor Rob, he has no chance of ever hearing the end of his wife's longings now.


Brande Services said...

Have you READ my blog??? Heard my stories??? You're honeymoon, baby! ha-ha!

Good for you for helping. It'll be great to see what God has in store.

Niecey said...

Foster care will change your life forever. You will love the kids and want to smack parents!!