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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Sovereignty of God as it Pertains to Calves and Farmwives

After pondering the deep truths of Scripture, watching an encouraging message via the worldwide web from titans of the Christian faith, talking to Alexis about my amazement over the intricacies of God's working through His sovereignty while mixing calf bottles and drinking one cup too much of coffee, I finally walked out the back door to start chores, only to discover the dry lot gate standing wide open.

With. not. one. young. bovine. in. sight.

The sinking feeling of despair was bolstered by my wise cracking teenage daughter who was quick to repeat her mother's wisdom, "Well, God's sovereign, right?"


Two months and too many bottle feedings flashed through my brain in an instant. I considered my options: crawl back into bed and wait for Rob to come home and deal with it, or humble myself before the neighbors who have already had to witness our horses in their yard this Spring and the whole herd of goats in the middle of the road last week. I chose the latter. Back up to the house to put on some mascara and some mud boots, then we grabbed the keys and hopped in the truck.

Being too early to eat crow pie we just made a quick jaunt down to the South neighbor, perusing the East neighbors field along the way, before we decided to turn around and check out the high grass beyond our own soybean field. The little buggers were found in the cool shade of the tree line, leaving their little cleft toed imprints in the soft dirt as a clear trail to follow.

Yep, God's sovereign alright. But sometimes I wonder what the benefit is of a forty year old farmwife running through the soybean field chasing after five black and white steers.


Nancy said...

Been there. Done that. :) Hope you managed to corral every last one of those little "doggies".

the canned quilter said...

See why I gave up beef! Deer, chicken, turkey and rabbit. Never heard of anyone's turkey eating the neighbors garden? Just got too old to chase them darn things...

Dicky Bird said...

Been there...blessings from Ringle.

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Yes, me too. Calves down the RR tracks and peacocks who traveled a mile to end up in the front yard of the Methodist Church, piglets digging up the neighbors garden and on and on. Luckily we can also smooth over any damage with free T-bones and gallons of raw milk. The neighbors like the freebies so much I swear they let the critters out at night on purpose!