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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More on Why we Homeschool

Day number one: Cole came home complaining of a girlfriend. I asked if he informed the twelve year old young lady that he does not have a job, own a car or a home and therefor is not eligible for marriage yet.
Day number two: Micah got in trouble for a brawl on the bus. I was not as amused to hear this tidbit of tattling as I was to hear about him being the instigator of the food fight yesterday. Innocent looking little bugger. Cinnamon rolls may have to be added to the list for the bus driver and the neighbor.
Day number three, I slept in and let Rob get them on the big yellow school bus, anxiously anticipating what the report will be today.
Summer school, with all of its excitement, has given me ample time to host the nieces and nephews and take an abundance of Fair pictures though.


Dicky Bird said...

Love the concept in the pictures!

Sherry Sutherby said...

This made me break the Library I laughed out loud. Especially about Micah on the bus. :) Ditto on Dicky Bird too ~ love the shots!! Miss you my friend.