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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winter Equals Sewing

For several years around our house the annual ushering in of a long, cold winter means hauling out the sewing machine. I grew up as one of five girls in a home where my Mom sewed for enjoyment. As she worked on her quilts she would let me have all the left over scraps that I wanted. From these I would sew to my hearts content doll clothes and doll quilts, and eventually graduated to larger quilts.

But I never really outgrew sewing the doll clothes. Luckily, two of my own little girls have loved dolls and doll clothes over the years, too, which gives me a good excuse to keep creating them. Many a happy day has been spent looking through the American Girl magazines for new designs, digging through the scrap boxes for just the right pattern, and then the girls waiting patiently while their new doll clothes appear out of the odd-shaped pattern pieces. I don't actually use patterns, I just guess and cut and sew and hope they fit, adjusting sizes as we go.

Alexis has outgrown these sewing parties, but since Grace received a new doll for Christmas her first thought was that she needed some clothes. When cousin Morgan came to stay this week it turned into a sewing party for both of their dolls. They choose a winter outfit, complete with mittens, boots and a vest. The final result was two matching outfits and two happy girls; wait, three happy girls!


TheLazyJ said...

You did get my order, right? For that over-size King quilt in dark earthy colors? You got that, right??? I figured it was the least I could do to occupy you during these dark, cold days. I mean, come on, what else would you have to do? Farm, write books, bake?? What fun is that!

AMAZING outfits! I know three girls that will be very jealous, because that sure 'aint a trait that I inherited. Along with the double, triple chin thing, I seem to have just gotten to dislike for cooking and such. ;)

Dicky Bird said...

Good job on the outfits. My girls had (now packed away in memory tub) American Girl dolls too. Blessings from Ringle.

Sew Blessed Maw said...

What adorable doll clothes and really adorbable girls..
enjoyed your blog.

ReneeL said...

Great Outfit, Terri! It seems the sewing machine is toted out here in the winter also. My oldest (22) left his snowpants here for me to stitch up just so I had something full size to stitch instead of the doll clothes :-) And belated birthday blessings from your much older than 29 year old niece! lol lol ;)