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Monday, March 3, 2014

Bear With Me

Kudos to those who have borne with me as blog posts have been few and far between lately! Life has been a whirlwind of both emotions, time and energy the past couple of months, and trying to keep up with it all has been a challenge. My main focus has been family, which I will never regret. To pour in to the people in my life, rather than blinking lights, should be of utmost importance. I hope it is for you, too:)

The cold days of winter are slowly dragging by, but there is a hope of seeing the temps spike to twenty above this week. Then there's daylight savings time to look forward to next week with its promise of spring to follow. It has been a strange season with no goats or chicks in the basement. Every time I head down to put wood in the stove I expect to hear a blatting goat. But every time I am disappointed. It's been a surprisingly happy thing to not have a farm full of critters. It makes me realize all the more that God is leading us where He wants us to go.

Good news on the sale of the farm! If all goes as planned, we hope to have it sold by the end of the month, then rent back the house while the sewer and water are installed at the new place. Not believing anything until the day the papers are signed, though, I have resorted from getting too excited just yet and have instead focused on getting some projects finished. There are some cover updates being worked on for my book, How My Savior Leads Me, and I have also finished our family book, OurCrazyFarm. Whoo-hoo! Determined to get one more major project done during this time of respite on the farm, I now only have to finish my devotional book, then I'll feel free to be ready to start packing and preparing for the new adventure ahead of us.

God has recently given more glimpses of what that future may hold as we strive to pursue living for Him. Some possible discipleship, missionary and service opportunities have dropped in our lap for serious consideration. After much prayer we will decide if it is something that we will be ready to pursue in about a years time. The thoughts running through my brain at the major life change this would mean vary from wondering how in the world I think I could conform to extended work in a third world country, to the effect it would have on my children, to wondering how I could not show my children that any sacrifice for the sake of the gospel is worth it.

The further away that I get from the reality of Trent's death, though, the moreso I realize how unwilling I am to live a radical life for God. I have already gotten so far away from being in the midst of immense suffering, which also means not being smack in the middle of on incredible pouring out of God's grace. The further I go from there, the more complacent I see myself becoming. The value of souls lessens as I get more and more comfortable in an easy life.

On a recent road trip we listened to the book on tape, Radical, by David Platt. He touches on some hard questions for Christians about how we are living our lives. He wonders if any of us are willing to live radically for Christ. Overall, he assures the listener/reader that living a radical life is going to be worth it.

Are you living radically?

Does anybody else even consider the reality of eternity?

I often wonder what people are living for as I watch the world go by. Life changed again with a phone call this past week when there was news to inform us that Alexis had been in a three car accident. While I held my breath waiting for the outcome as Rob listened to the account, I realized just how unprepared I am of being ready to actually face God, let alone handing over my daughter. The reality hung on for several days. Everybody walked away, but we all realized how differently it could have turned out. Reality came back into focus of just how short the time is.


Dicky Bird said...

I hope she is o.k.?! Emotionally and physically. Radical living, has me thinking about the apostles. The radical ministry they led - how God used them. I recently read a blog post where the author stated that we have no modern apostles. That there are no "signs", like the miracles in the new testament. I replied, why is that? Not due to limits of God - nothing is impossible to Him. The limit is on us and not being willing to be used. Yes, help us Lord to be "radical" enough to seek it. Anyone can see that with what is going on in our world - we don't have much time.

Camille said...

Precious friend...I know you have closed comments on your newer post today, but, I cannot go away without telling you I am praying. On this, his birthday, I will pray for peace and comfort and even joy in the midst of the pain. Our Saviour walks this path with you. His hand is upon you. And, at this moment, it is impossible to fully understand the reason for the suffering. But, I pray that your heart would be full of love for Him as He carries you through this lower world. Much Love, Camille (Did I give you my new precious verses yet? If not, here they are...2 Samuel 22:31-33)

Sherry Sutherby said...

Oh my...please bear with me too. I'm printing off your Blog pages to take home, once again. It appears I have many gaps to fill. I literally gasped today as I caught up on your posts. (i.e. Rule #1...Don't tell the Mother...) Please know, I'm here for you, albeit unknowing of all that is transpiring. Praise God that Alexis was not taken from you, as I briefly skim this post. I'll catch up soon, dear friend. Know I'm with you in my heart.