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Thursday, September 12, 2013

A View with a Lake

It's ours! A view with a lake!

I'm not even sure where to start this post. Maybe back to a couple of Fridays ago when we paid {cash} for a teeny, tiny parcel of land which will {Lord willing} soon be called home. Or back to that sermon that started the conviction of the gluttony that we have felt entitled to for so long. Or way back two and a half years ago to the discontent that began after Trent went to Heaven and I realized first hand that none of this stuff goes with us. Either way, wherever I start, it all ends up at the same place: a teeny, tiny parcel of land which will {Lord willing} soon be called home.

The excitement really started a couple of months ago when Rob came home with a little slip of paper that he had torn off of the bulletin board at work advertising some lake view property with a home that was cheaper than what we could consider having to spend to send our firstborn to college. Immediately we both envisioned no mortgage payments, no below zero chores twice a day, real vacations without running home to water animals and the prospect of pouring even more into raising our kids for the few remaining years that we hope to have them here without Rob working two jobs to feed them.

Unfortunately, it turned out that the house was literally a two room shanty. If there had been any way to salvage it I would have moved right in, but things like foundations matter to Rob, so we started our quest for other affordable living arrangements. Lo and behold, it soon came to our attention that there was a beautiful old farmhouse scheduled for destruction if the land owners couldn't find somebody to move it off of their property. Since I'm a sucker for old farmhouses we went to look at it... and fell in love. The big porch sold us immediately and has blinded us to the tiny dining room, graffiti walled kitchen and broken windows.

Soon, we set to work putting in an offer on the land and contacting banks and construction workers to see if we could make a go of the rest of the project. On a whim I put the farm up for sale on Craigslist and soon we were fielding emails and phone calls with showing after showing following. Next, we made a list of every possible material possession we could part with, including all of the livestock, and started receiving more Craigslist emails and phone calls. As the big finale we hosted a garage sale and sold out nearly by the first night.

On the day of closing for the land we showed up with cash in the bank and giddily signed on the dotted line. Then we went out and did a happy dance and breathed a big sigh of relief.

Now we impatiently wait for the rest of the contractor bids to come back and the final details to get finished to move the house. Two serious lookers are going to get back to us about the farm this week hopefully, and more people keep on emailing asking for more details so that they can start living their own dreams.

A home with a lake view. A place to rest, a place to regroup, a place to invest into what really matters. I can't wait.


Nancy said...

I'm happy to hear of your soon to be "new" home. Praying for wonderful new memories to be made and old ones to remain dear in your heart!

the canned quilter said...

Wow you work fast! Got any room for an old gray haired lady that likes to make hooch? Hugs

A Primitive Homestead said...

How wonderful for your family. Your words ring with hope & happiness, even relief. I pray God will continue to make all come to pass. Old farm house just perfect. Blessings. Lara

OurCrazyFarm said...

Thanks Nancy! We're super excited, too! Ready for the in-between of moving to be over, but excited.

Sorry Momma Hooch, another old gray haired lady requested the spare bedroom already:) I could maybe consider renting out that cute little chicken coop, tho:))

Thanks Lara! How are you? You're in my prayers often sweet, hurting blog friend.

A Primitive Homestead said...

Thank you Terri. I did a post last night. My first in a long time. I have hopes of future posts to come. Not sure what direction they may take. Trying to find myself & dig my way up. Knowing I myself have forever changed & the way I see & feel life will never be the same. Know your in my prayers also. You have touched my life. I have introduced you to my shrink though your book. Just maybe she will suggest it to another grieving mother. I hope so. I look forward to hearing lots more about this new journey your life is taking. Lara

Brenda said...

I love the view! Looks like a place you can take a deep breath and relax a bit. Praying that all goes smooth with the move.

Dicky Bird said...

Sounds so nice. Post pictures of the old house - before - I like old farm houses and remodeling. I should I've been living in remodeling since I was born - one farm house or another. :)

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Oh dear blog friend how I envy your energy and enthusiuasm. How much your journey mirrors ours is uncanny! I did not think of Craigs list but today our farm goes on it. Keep us all updated on the progress of the new homestead. Any pics of that house yet?