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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What I Love about Small Towns

Small towns are wonderful. I've lived in one my whole life. Everybody knows everybody, and everybody knows everybody's business. Our immediate neighbors include a conglomeration of one of our kids' youth pastors, an obstetrical nurse who helped deliver both of our boys, a once removed (maybe twice) something-or-other shirt tail relation nephew's ex-wife turned friend, a long ago bus driver and the vacation Bible school friend's little brother who now has his own little ones.
These charming people represent our rural world and make us feel safe and loved. Any time we hear a car rumbling past on our quiet back road we know who's going where and why. So, it surprised us that it took nearly a whole month for our names to once again be the hub of the local café. The townsfolk are all flustered over our news: we're gonna move.
Yep, we're selling the farm. Lock, stock, barrel and even the goats. One friend called all flustered when she heard that our new destination was two hours away, another was so worried that she hiked right over to get the gossip straight from the horses mouth. There are those who want us to justify giving up the American dream of raising every morsel that goes into our mouths, but there are also those who have applauded our bravery. Either way, it remains the same, we've been able to keep the secret for over a month.
In all reality, there was nothing yet to tell anybody, so it was funny when we started to hear the rumors of our move before we knew if it was going to happen. It still might not happen as no papers have even been signed yet. But the cat's been let out of the bag, and yep, the farm is for sale.
Any buyers? We'll make you a good deal.
Expect in the near future (if I am not busy packing) some posts about the willingness to give it all up. If God had chosen to move me half way around the world I would have been just as happy, but He has so far chosen to lead us just a few miles up the road to probably an equally sanctifying place: a tiny little acreage squished between some unsuspecting neighbors. But He did throw in a lake view and potentially a big covered porch. Thanks God!
So that's the short and sweet version. If I ever see clear of cleaning for one more showing I'll wax and wane a bit longer.


Pillar of Truth Christian Church said...

That wouldn't be 2 hours east towards Michigan would it;) I will be praying. Scott and I often talk of getting rid of the farm and just moving. I hope all goes smoothly. I have greatly missed your rambling posts, but understand.

Shoshannah said...

You are always welcome in Indiana and the winters are mild! I'd love to have you as my neighbor. Moving can be hard on the heart, so don't look back, look ahead at God when you feel sentimental. I'm with you on letting go of things and places. I'm looking forward to Heaven!

OurCrazyFarm said...

Thanks for the invitations, ladies:) It has been quite a whirlwind around here, but a good whirlwind.

Maybe since we'll have "nothing else to do" we will be able to fit in a jaunt to Michigan, Renee. Is that offer to stay still open at your place??!

Love the advice Shoshannah. Maybe our mansions in heaven will be close to each other. Yep, I'm ready too.

A Primitive Homestead said...

I live in a small town such as you speak of. Sometimes I wonder if giving up my way of life would be a better move in this season of grief that I see no end to. But my fear of regret stands in my path. I have to say you are a brave woman. I wish you & your family a happy ending in your adventures move. Blessings!

OurCrazyFarm said...

Good to hear from you, Lara. I've been thinking about you and praying for you so often this week, wondering how you are doing. Know that you are not alone. So often God raises up prayer warriors along the walk of grief when we need it the most, and so often it is the despair of nobody seeming to care that hurts as bad as the grief. You are not alone. God said that he would never leave you or forsake you. Feel free to email whenever you'd like. Thanks for your well wishes~ we are very excited!

Blondee said...

It's hard to see someone you treasure pack up their life and move it elsewhere. But, it's also so inspiring to see someone put their faith in the Lord, and let Him place them where they are meant to be. I pray He bathes you all in His love and light, guiding each foot step in this move.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Thank you for your sweet words regarding my Grandpa on my tribute post. Best of luck with your move. If there is one thing I've learned in this life, that we need to follow what God is telling us now matter how crazy the neighbors think we are. Thanks for leaving a comment so I could visit your adorable blog :)

God Bless, Jackie