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Saturday, January 26, 2013

How to Add "You Might Also Like" Widget

For quite some time I've noticed under other blogger posts the words, "You might also like" followed by photos and links to other articles in their blogs. Being pretty much internet challenged, it took quite a while before I attempted to figure out how to add the widget to my own blog. I'm happy to share with you that it was easy, painless, and my computer did not blow up in the process.

The simple steps are as follows:

Click on the widget link, here: LinkWithin

You will be redirected to a LinkWithin website that asks you to enter your email address, blog link, platform (Blogger, Wordpress, etc.) and width (I chose 3).

After you've entered the above information click on the big blue box that says "Get Widget!"

The next page will look like this:
Choose your blog from the drop down box and click on the blue box, "Add Widget."
Your Blogger layout page will now open, and you will see an added HTML box (on the right) that says "LinkWithin." 
Save your changes, and go check out your blog with the added addition of "You Might Also Like"


Renee McCausey said...

Thanks! Been working on my blog all morning updating, I think I will try this one next!

Beth said...

I never thought about adding this, but went ahead with your wonderful instructions. Thank you! I'm SO happy with this widget! What a fun way to occasionally look back on years gone by. I've had my blogger blog for 6 years now... wish I could figure out how to transfer my old wordpress blog into blogger.

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Hey you! You just reminded me that I want to make changes on my blog this year. So guess I better get started.

Melissa said...

Thanks! I was just trying to figure that out!