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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Poodle Pies

Normally all of our critters are contained in the great outdoors in some kind of shed or fence that is intended to keep them away from the corn fields. That was until several weeks ago when a couple of the barn cats decided to have kittens during the coldest week of the season, and Lady decided to have her pups within days of the little felines who were being kept warm on their heating pads in the dining room. Since then we've felt like we live in a zoo.

One momma cat comes in, another momma cat goes out. Lady Dog needs in, Lady Dog needs out ... for some reason always at three-thirty in the morning. And then the baby critters got big enough and started escaping their pools and laundry baskets ... and seven poodle pie pups need to go out, and seven poodle pie pups need to get back in ... several times a day. And then six various colored kittens need to go out, and six various colored kittens need to come back in.

Tomorrow .... tomorrow is the day ... the pups are ready for their new homes: Old Dan, Little Anne, Muscle Man, Ralph, Rosie, Ruthie and Rebecah ... unless of course I can talk Rob into keeping the little runt.

They have been a joy, but sleeping through the night and not waking up to poodle pie messes will be a joy, too.


the canned quilter said...

Oh My! Look at those faces....I could take a dozen but sure the husband would KILL me : )

Dicky Bird said...

I'm going to say the same thing...look at those faces! So cute!

The Farmgirl said...

Oh dear....such cuteness! If we lived closer, I'd be right over to pick up one of your pups :) Simply adorable! Love your new book backdrop, too! Teresa

OurCrazyFarm said...

You would be more than welcome to take your pick ladies!

And that book backdrop, Teresa~ it is going to be what finally drives me over the edge:)) Blogger has been the bugger lately, and won't let me into the template to finish playing around with a new design, so I am resolved with this until they fix things:))