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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chickens, in Sepia


I was going to do a post about chickens. Because we have a cute little chicken coop, with windows and curtains and a covered porch and fancy chickens to lay their brown speckled eggs in it. And those chickens perch on the recycled rafters and scare the heebie-jeebies out of me every time I go down too late in the afternoon to do chores and have to collect eggs underneath them as they decide whether they should send a little present my way, or if dive bombing the unsuspecting farmers wife in their quest for their supper would suffice.
But then Obama won, again. As we sat watching the polls, rooting out loud for our candidate, and then came back after some chips and a book, to the shocking announcement that we are in for a repeat of the past four years. Our hearts sank as we watched what America was celebrating, what she has chosen as her gods. Our "golden calf" has appeared from the fire after a day of electoral votes. Surprise, surprise.
And then my feathers were ruffled again when I read another sermon outline for our group of young students that focuses more on man than on God. I have been accused of being a little bit too passionate about the gospel; that I am only so fervent because my son just died.
I am passionate about the gospel because my son just died.
I don't think we will be disappointed in God's glory when we see it first hand. I don't think we will think that sin is a small deal when we face our Maker and have no where to hide and no good excuses to ignore Him.
We desperately need to know that we are sinners and will one day stand before a Holy God and give account for our lives, some of us sooner than others. Scripture is primarily meant to reveal who God is, and secondly to reveal that we as a creation are sinful and have no hope aside from Jesus' atonement on the cross. There is a great danger to focus on ourselves and primarily about living a good life here, rather than being prepared for eternity.
I challenge you to read some of the Scripture verses that God led me to, as I was in His Word studying for tonight's lesson, that talk about who we are as mankind:

We are sinners: Romans 3:23
We are dead in our sin: Ephesians 2:1
We are God's enemies: Romans 5:10
We are the ones who crucified Jesus: Luke 22:63-23:43
We would rather turn away from God than have Him: Romans 1:21-23

God said that He will not yield His glory (Isaiah 48:11), and that glory will ultimately be revealed through Jesus (Heb 1:3). If we are Christians our whole lives will be pointing to that glory, especially through the gospel message (the grace and forgiveness poured out on sinners through Jesus' sacrifice on the cross), as the Holy Spirit is working in us towards that same reason. If our lives are not portrayals of Christ, as seen by our longing for Scripture, obedience to God' word, and repentance of sins, it is because we are not saved and we have God's wrath to fear on judgment day. Salvation is only found in Jesus Christ and His work on the cross to forgive sinful mankind.
I was talking to a Christian friend the other day who looked at me like I have a hole in my head when I tried to convey to her my difficulty of living here, and how everything seems to be so insignificant compared to eternity.
What goes with us? What matters? How does that look lived out?
To live like we believed what God said, to store up treasures in heaven, to count our days ... I don't know how that looks. I know that Trent knows, and I know that God said His word will endure forever, and I know that one day I will stand before Him to give an account. Even as a Christian, He will demand an account (1 Corinthians 3:12-14).
The minas are His (Luke 19:11-27), the talents are His (Matthew 25:14-20), the days are His (Job 14:5). Even this election, and those chickens, are His.


Dicky Bird said...

All true! Blessings from Ringle. Love the pictures.

jean said...

Within the grief is the Lord's joy for His people. And truly, one of our joys in Him is His sovereignty in all things, from death to setting up governments.

Renee McCausey said...

Well said! Still wish we were closer, we could have coffee and ponder these thoughts. We have become such a "me" people that we can't get past that. God is in control, (thankfully) and not man. Some people just don't want to see that, even some Christians. It is difficult to understand sometimes, but so clear in the bible. Some of the fluff that people want to teach to our children doesn't help either, it just makes it worse!

Love the chicken pics!

Annnightflyer said...

Hi new to your blog here but I kinda wanted to put my 2 cents in.After much to to do about things i have done in my life,I have finally learn to Listen to God.I think that is a big problem people have about God.They don't listen to him because if they did their world would be so much better.Ask him to put you on the path he wants you to follow and listen to him,works everytime!

TheLazyJ said...

Okay, my first thought was that you were so excited about receiving THIS year's fair check, that you were getting a start on next year's events. (Do I know you, or do I know you? ha!)

My second thought was on your comments about our President. After the shock that this was the direction that America and God have chosen for our country, we were actually rather happy, as it keeps our little families economy going VERY well! ;)

My third thought (yes, I have as many passionate opinions as you, dear sister) was that I am accused of the same things, being too passionate about the gospel, minus the dead son part. I said to Jim this morning, "Aren't all Christians this passionate about God's word? Am I really the only one?" And he said, "No...Well, you and Terri maybe."

Last thing, recommend Steve Gallagher's book to your readers, "Intoxicated with Babylon." At least it seems there are THREE of us in this world that care! ha!

Love you!

*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

I havent been through what you have. .BUT I can understand.. some days.. I think it would be easier to just be done.. to already be in Glory.. To be through the day to day of life here.. been reading a book about a lady preacher during the Depression.. It was hard times but they also had revival.. I can only put my trust in him that everything will be alright and look forward to living for him to the fullest of each day...

cmarie said...

As I drove by the cemetery the day after elections, I couldn't help but think - just imagine where all the believers are right now - Jesus wants me too, and by His grace I'll be there. I am not routinely posting these days but I still love to know how you are Terri. Bible Study Fellowship is amazing for me! We are in Genesis this year and talking about the tower of Babel this week.
The way I see it, the people pursue their own desires and build themselves up. And the government places foundations and supports to encourage an allegiance.
The bible calls it disobedience

OurCrazyFarm said...

You make me smile, ladies:)) I love reading your comments on my ramblings!

DickyBird~ it's always good to see your name in my email list:))

Jean~ yes, God's sovereignty brings me great joy.

Renee~ Maybe our mansions in heaven will be close enough and we'll have coffee together for eternity as marvel at Jesus ... or maybe God will let us get together before then:))

Annnightflyer~ nice to meet you! Yes, it's so simple: God said it, just do it.

Traci~ Passionate? From Uncle Jim? I'll take that as a compliment and remember him in my Christmas shopping.

Tonia~ that glory is constantly on my mind, I can hardly imagine.

CMarie~ So good to hear from you! The kids and I have been working through the Old Testament in our group reading. We often say "What is there in Genesis? Or Leviticus?" And now, "What is there in 2nd Chronicles?" But, oh my, how God is there, too, and challenges with His Word. So glad you have found a good fellowship with good teaching. Thanks for being one who is carrying this burden with me. You're invited to my mansion for coffee, too:))