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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Different Plans

"You of little faith," Jesus said, "why did you doubt?"
Matthew 14:31

I have selfishly attributed the warm Fall weather as a gift from God especially to our family. I'm sure that many others are benefiting from it and enjoying soaking up the forty degree sunshine in November, but to me it came again as a reminder that God gives to His children before they even know what to ask for. His pre-ordained plans are perfect and come at His perfect timing, never before and never too late even if we are tempted to think otherwise as we watch life unfold around us with what sometimes only appears to be chaos.

This warm weather is very untypical, the cement contractor told Rob, and we couldn't have asked for a better scenario to pour a foundation so late in the year. Earlier this Fall, after giving up the house dream for the time being and committing ourselves to let God be God and move mountains if that was His plan, He did. Almost literally as we let go, God swooped in and gave us something better than we had been pushing for.

As much as we loved that old farmhouse that we wanted to move to the new lake view property, we see now how ill-suited it would have been for us and how it quickly had morphed into not fulfilling our desire for leaving the farm. With its lure of an attic writers loft and the great big front porch to tempt us, realistically it would have been four stories and a large mortgage after the moving expense, plus several thousands more to fix it up. Yes, we would have done it, but now we're so glad that God took it away.

Instead He transformed my heart, to which the family is still commenting. "No trailer house," were my exact words when we started this. I am a bit biased, and I have a fetish for old farm houses. But a trailer house that we could pay cash for, and that was a double wide that pleased the town ordinance, and that had three bedrooms, two living rooms, two bathrooms (one with a Jacuzzi tub), a den, skylights, and nearly every upgrade imaginable changed my mind. Yep, that'll work.

The plan of no mortgage in a very short time. Check.

Freedom to invest our energy and finances into Kingdom work. Check.

A reminder of our temporary status and a greater longing for our eternal home. Check.

A big enough place to easily entertain (angels, perhaps? Hebrews 13:2) and minister. Check.

Little maintenance or upkeep. Check.

The green room that the boys wanted and a purple room that the girls wanted. Check.

In a whirlwind of finding house movers, slab contractors, and personally transporting nearly seven-hundred cement blocks ourselves, we now await the final transportation of the house to the land. While it's too late to put in the sewer and water this year, we will bunker down at the farm for some much needed rest and focus on homeschool until the weather warms up again.

And to top it all off, the serious lookers at our house hope to be ready with their down payment and a purchase agreement at the same time that we would hope to be moving. So we have officially taken the farm off of the Craigslist market and won't have to worry about showing it for several months.

We all feel like we can almost breathe again.

I'm going to head out and soak up some of that concrete drying sunshine and enjoy the blessing of it  before the snow decides to come.

And that verse at the top:

"You of little faith," Jesus said, "why did you doubt?"
Matthew 14:31

I find great encouragement in it today not only for these temporary things, but for the day when I stand before God, standing next to my son. Yes, me of little faith, why do I doubt? Committing the big things as well as the little things to the One who promised to carry them all.


Dicky Bird said...

I'm glad He is blessing you with this warm weather - as us, fellow Wisconsinites are benefiting! God is amazing, His plans are so much better than our own. Blessings from Ringle. (p.s. my Mom has been sick - I've not done any painting...)

Brenda said...

That's amazing news. God always comes through in a huge way when we let go and let Him. A lesson that I've had to learn ... over and over!

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Its funny how committed we get to these old farmhouses even though they weigh us down in many ways.As we are still waiting for the official offer on our home we have gone from an earth home, to a trailer to moving in a barn to convert to living area (next to the animals) and back to an earth home. Good for you for getting out of HIS way. I need to follow your lead.After seeing the devastation in the towns near us we are reminded it is all just splinters of wood anyway

OurCrazyFarm said...

Yep, splinters of wood, Mrs. Farmwife. How quickly life changes to force us to realize that hard-won truth. Here's to hoping that you sell soon so you can start "living the dream."

I'll be praying for you and your mom, DickyBird. Glad you're getting the warm weather, too. And don't worry about painting~ next Christmas is fine:))

I always enjoy your wise, sweet comments, Brenda:) Hope all is well down south!

A Primitive Homestead said...

This is wonderful news. Praise God you and the family have been blessed with this new adventure to look forward to. I have always liked old farm houses but it was not in our cards so to speak. We bought our home 18 years ago a used double wide. I was totally against trailers double wides but this was what we could manage money wise. Over the years we have remodeled. Trying to make it like an old farm house has been fun and a job. But I am happy with it and thankful. I guess God provides the home we need and the ability to make it what we wanted or just be satisfied with it just as it is. I am so happy for you all. If we lived near by yes I'd take you up on coming over for a good cry but right now I am rejoicing with you for what God has worked out for a new home for you and the family. Continued prayers.

Sherry Sutherby said...

Oh my, the treasures of "catching up". I love your CHECK LIST, starting with the spacious new home on the horizon. Why DO we doubt? He never fails us.