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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Reality of Home School

This picture is  the epitome of our home school days: if something better comes along, forget the books and live life. "One more week, one more week, one more week," I keep repeating to myself, and I will (Lord willing, if not that will be okay, too) be done teaching first grade math concepts and basic phonic sounds. Yippee! The race is on between all the kiddos to finish their bookwork for the year. Many subjects have already been crossed off the list and some of them are down to the last few lessons before a summer break- can't wait!


TheLazyJ said...

I love it! We officially have 19 days left here, with some of the subjects being crossed off already as well. I keep pushing the kids to get those assignments done because I want to go play outside instead of do "school!"

Dicky Bird said...

Good job. I was at my nieces house doing a sewing lesson today with her 3 homeschoolers - my great-nephews.

Anne said...

That's the best way in the whole world to homeschool! Math and phonics are over-rated anyway...just ask my kids. :0)