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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hatching Chicks

Throughout the cold winter months there has been an old, rigged up microwave oven that sits on the cherry laminate floor right next to my dining room table. Its light blinking off and on, off and on, keeping time with the thermostat that was installed to keep it at a consistent, toasty 99.5 degrees. It truly is the latest in decorating style - every old farmhouse should have one. The cat even likes it, and has claimed it as a warm place to take his nap.

After three impatient weeks, and many sessions of turning eggs, it's so fun to hear the "cheep, cheeping" from the old brown box. The noise leads us to inspecting eggs looking for pip holes, and putting various ones up to our ears to listen for the little scratching sounds made by a chick gearing up for the battle to begin his life.

That battle has been a losing one around here lately. Our Light Brahma's must be too old to hatch healthy babies, as they have trouble getting out of their shelled domain. The plain Blacks have been strong, though, and we have been rewarded with a couple of fluffy chicks to add to the clutch of Cole's Silkies in the basement.

Today is Due Day for the first of the expecting goats. One of the does refused her breakfast of grain, which is a good sign that labor could be starting soon. Chicks, and kids, and if the beef prices have come down to reasonable rates, soon new calves. Such a fun, busy time on the farm.


the canned quilter said...

Oh my! Chick time already and I just planted seeds yesterday. Those old farmhouses and these underground houses have a decorating style of their own. Grow lights in the living room, incubators in the laundry room, puppies running everywhere....It's a farm trend : )

Hugs from Mama Hooch and especially to all them babies..

DFW said...

Can I send my cat to learn from yours? I just know that he would pounce on the eggs as they started moving.

A Primitive Homestead said...

What things we use to decorate our homes for the love of our creatures. So far we have no ducks or hens sitting and no brooder box in the tub this year.Watching them hatch in past years has been fun. Little goats are so cute. Blessings! Lara

Dalyn Weller said...

That looks SO fun! I have too many human babies just now to do chicks this year :(
Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog this morning. Bless you!
I look so forward to the pictures of your Nubian kids this year! I have only two more girls due and one is about 9 feet wide poor thing!

Nette Sta said...

How neat! When I first saw the kitty with them I thought he was there for sport or dinner, lol. My cat would be there for "warm" too.