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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Building a VBS Hut

When the sign up sheets came out for Vacation Bible School a few weeks ago I deliberately procrastinated and did not fill mine out. I left my position up to where ever God wanted to use me. Humbly being happy just bringing animal crackers if that was what He wanted. My given title(s): Pre-K teacher, decorator, and assistant director. I could not be happier! I have longed for just such an opportunity for quite a while, and am thrilled to be working on all the preparations! We are having a safari/jungle theme with The Lord's Prayer as the week's verse. Oh the ideas that flow!

The first plan was to construct a replica African Hut for the snack station. So, I went to the guy who believes I can do anything (and is always willing to help me do it:) Especially if it involves kids and God. Blaine brought his chainsaw and machete which made the event all the more exciting:)
We started with a bunch of scrap lumber and tree limbs that Blaine had, and a big group of kids. The kids willingly helped haul and load limbs from the woods.

Then the frame work was put together.

We used lots and lots of twine string to tie everything together, in an authentic, true to form way of building a hut in the wilderness. Rob even had the day off to help:)
Lot's and lot's of lashing.
I was given the string-cutter job. Somebody had to do it:)

The near complete hut. Just needs a straw roof, which if the rain holds off, will hopefully be put on tomorrow after church.
(Most of) the crew.



Lisa said...

I can not wait to see it with the roof on. I used to live in Belize in a house sort of like this. The house was a little fancier, but the kitchen looked almost the same.

Jnette said...

"Many hands make the work light"... and it looks like alot of fun!

Klazane said...

This looks so neat! And thanks for the information on the Zinnia. :)
We put several different types of seeds out there, but the birds ate most of them, so not much came up, but we couldn't remember all that we had put out there. :)