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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Revolutionary War

There was a war at our house today. Or, rather, a reenactment of a war. As a final hurrah of our home school year, and probably the beginning of something, we recreated the American Revolutionary War, complete with costumes, characters, and lots of hands on fun. To make it even more exciting we shared it with our friends and cousins.
The day started at The Colonial Inn with an authentic colonial meal of Johnny Cake, Boiled Eggs, Boiled Potatoes, pickles, sausage and cheese. After dining we gathered up the troops for a quick run down of the 13 colonies, King George III, and the taxation on tea. They then got their first letter which led them to their next destination.
First stop, the Boston Harbor, where they dressed up as Mohawk Indians and joined the Sons of Liberty in throwing tea in the harbor for the Boston Tea Party. Then it was on to meet Paul Revere as he (she) saddled up for the famous midnight ride on Lightning the fastest horse in the east. Then, off to Bunker Hill (sorry, no pics).
After that they got to help Betsy Ross sew the first flag. Next it was on to sign the Declaration of Independence with a quill pen and ring the Liberty Bell.
Meeting the infamous Benedict Arnold. Deciding if they were Loyalists or Patriots.
Then it was off to the winter camp to support George Washington and his troops during the long, cold winter of fighting. They got to help cut down trees for fire wood and try surviving off of hard tack (better known as heart attack or weapons). After celebrating their war victory with tea and pumpkin muffins (with cream cheese frosting, yum, yum!) they got to go dig for buried treasure on the pond island hill. After finally getting 10 of the 12 kids across, and posing for pictures, they unearthed their loot. Then they commenced to spend the rest of the afternoon in the pond. What a fun day!

And the highlight of the day for Micah and Grace.... the wash station.
Photos, again, courtesy of Traci's wonderful camera. I am officially jealous, and can't wait to get my good camera back from the fiasco of this fix it problem.


Nicole said...

What fun that would be!

What a blessing to be able to homeschool and be so creative in teaching your children about history!!

Jnette said...

Wow that looks like soooo much fun!!